The steps of hiring me as an caricaturist for your event:



You allready looked through my website, like my work and thinking about hiring me for your party? Great, I am looking forward to draw for you. Let me tell you some more information:


Please call me or write me a email and tell me the date you are thinking of. Hopefully I am still available for you. Tell me also the amount of time and the location.
After I have the necessary informations I will get back to you with an estimate of costs. If you are interested, I can reserve the day for you!
Please consider: for locations outside vienna or austria some travelcosts add to the sum. There also might be a night in a hotel necessary.


I can print your logo or text on the paper, if you like. Also predrawings of the body - where I just draw the heads onto - are possible. The papersize is A3 that is 297 x 420mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches.


I will be on site half an hour before I start drawing to arrange my workspace. I will need 2 chairs, a socket (I´ve got the light) and a small table.


Please consider for the place of action: people like to watch me over the shoulder while I draw my funny faces, so there should be a little room around me.


I am used to talk while drawing or draw while talking to my victims. That´s great for entertainment and gives me the opportunity to find out the small details about a personality - which I love to draw also!


When I am finished with my artwork I hand out the drawing with a plastic envelope, so everybody can proudly show his picture around and transport the paper home savely.


Looking forward to making your event somthing special with my art!